Friday, January 25, 2013

My Claim to Fame

We all want those 30 seconds where we are on national television right? Our 30,000 milliseconds of awesomeness! Our claim to fame. Maybe not national, but something awesome! Maybe we could be interviewed because we rescued a baby or skydived from the moon, or even had the best photo-bombing! Heck, even curing cancer.... those all would be pretty sweet.

But unfortunately, we don't all get cool claims to fame. I know mine wasn't... eh maybe a little. So far, only about 22,000 people have seen it and I am pretty anonymous. It is a weird prank that they did, and they got me. How would you like it if some RANDOM, weird guy came up to you and asked if his breath smelled bad?

Hey at least I was honest right?

Watch for me, I am at 2:06

Why couldn't I have said something more intelligent instead of "you're not good." Hahahaha oh well. What can I say, I'm full of great one liners!

Words of wisdom.... just in case you are going to be filmed, say something at least a little more clever than me. ;)

Still brave, still crazy, still mostly young, still me!
Love, Rachel

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