Monday, February 4, 2013

The Best Major-- The Best Friends

Hands down, no exception, there's nothing better than my major-- Elementary Education. Why? Good question let me tell ya.

1. I'm going to be a teacher!! Who doesn't like kids? They are so fun and make me smile. They really are great and can teach us a lot! They are crazy yes, but they are so funny and say the darnedest things! Let me tell you a few conversations I had with some 2nd graders.

       A. Guy: Are you married?
            Me: No
           Girl: You look pretty enough to be married.

       B. Girl: You are just so sweet!
            Me: Aww, thanks.
            Girl: I want to be a teacher when I grow up... or an Astronaut!
            (That girl takes after my own heart!)

       C. Me: I go to school over there.
           Guy: At BYU?
           Me: Yep.
           Girl: My dad goes to BYU, do you know him??

2. I have made some pretty great friends! Nuff said.

Kylee and Me after Dance final with our accidental matching sweaters!
Don't forget that I was an hour late to that final...

Costa Dinner after watching some kids choreograph their own dances
Too precious to handle!

Costa Dinner!

Having fun at the mall

A beautiful landscape, couldn't resist

Couldn't. Handle. The. Math. Class.


Girls Night Out! Definitely had to have our nails done!
So much emotion!

Love you guys!!

Still Brave, Still Crazy, Still Mostly Young, Still Here,

-----Remember, be happy the groundhog saw his shadow, spring just around the corner??

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