Thursday, January 17, 2013


Man has it been a while. I'm not very good at this consistency thing, but isn't that what the New Years is for, to start up something again? I think i'm gonna try this one.... So here's the ketchup of my life.

Well what's up with me? Thank you for asking. I am now into my second year at Brigham Young University and i'd like to think some the wiser. I am now 20 years old, *Woot Woot!* but saying goodbye to my teenage years is definitely weird. I have always wanted to grow up fast and be old and responsible, but now I have to be old and responsible....

As a sophomore at college I am living off campus and no longer a freshman! However, my apartment-- to say this in the nicest way possible-- had to be around way before dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is extremely old and crappy. I live in the basement which has majorly flooded twice (had to get new carpet padding), and I have come home to wet bathroom floors (I hope it was just water). I am currently typing this while waiting for the lovely carpet men to come back and finish putting in my carpet padding. But come to think of it, would it be home if I didn't have something wrong with my apartment??

However, it isn't all bad. I really do like where I live. I really like living in the basement. It is really nice to have my own place and my own bathroom, to come home and just be able to relax. It is like my own personal cave where no one can enter. I used to have a roommate, my cousin Catherine, but she left on her mission to Canada just yesterday! No one bought a contract to move in with me so, that's right, party in my room!! I am going to miss my cousin though. She is great! She is going to be a great missionary. Don't freeze in Toronto girl! (When I was little my siblings and I made up new lyrics to the Canadian anthem, "O Canada, you are so very cold!" Original I know.)

I am still an Elementary Education major, and this semester is going to be a beast. It's only the second week and I have a ton to do. But I technically did sign up for this so no complaining right? College wouldn't be college if I didn't fail a few classes... Joke Dad! So far I haven't failed any classes and one semester I will get a 4.0.... before I graduate. I have made some great friends in my program. It is a very fun major that have some awesome classes. Last semester I took a dance ed class. I also took a elementary music class where I got to learn a unique instrument called the autoharp. Basically it is a simplified guitar but instead of having to put your fingers on the strings to make cords, you just press buttons, which is awesome because that means I can play it very well! It made me feel a little bit cool when I would have autoharp jam sessions.

I got a job. It is at the BYU Independent Study Center. I work in the testing department. That means I deal with all of the tests. Profound yes. I grade tests, sort tests, answer the phone, stuff like that. The best part is that I get to work with my brother. AHHHH! Yeah, it actually is great because I do like seeing him almost everyday and just get to hang out with him. We are quite the dynamic duo. I have great coworkers and a great boss (I don't only say that just in case she might read this, she really is awesome). I've been working there for about a month so I'm not quite as a noobie as I was when I first started working so I don't always have the deer in the headlights look.

I am looking forward for a great semester! I will try my best to stay on top of my blog, I am an official official adult now right? It's more than just an official adult. Have a great day! Here ----> is where I will try to say something profound every time, or at least just a little tidbit of the day.......

-----> Remember to be grateful for your health. Over the break, I had a couple of different bugs that caused me to be sick for 2 out of the 3 weeks of break, some worse than others. Alyssa and Hannah I will pray for you! You show that flu bug who's boss!!!

You know where to find me!

Here are some pictures

Playing the Autohardp!

Me and my cousin/roommate Catherine
Me and my beautiful sister Alyssa
My new puppy!!

Me and my brother supporting the Olympics

Me and Cassidi

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