Monday, January 30, 2012

The Nerve!

My roommate Katherine is great! I went to BYU by myself and chose a roommate at random. Katherine and I got put together along with my four other amazing roommates. Katherine is from Lindon, Utah. She is friends with basically everyone. I remember at the very beginning of last semester we would be walking somewhere and she saw so many people that she knew I stoped counting. I learned to stop counting. An "everyone and their dog" phase is certainly applicable with her. Everyone just loves Katherine!  She has some great qualities as you can guess, HOWEVER..... Katherine had a problem, and that problem finds itself in many girl's lives. That problem involved guys, boys, men, whatever you want to call them. Katherine's problem was not perceiving him as he truly is.

His name will remain anonymous for his safety from being sought out in the night; I will call him Player Peter.

No one saw Player Peter's audacity coming. The two seemed perfect for each other. My other roommates and I kept saying a couple more months and there would be a rock on her finger. They would talk on the phone almost every night and spend a considerable amount of time together, despite him living some distance away.

Player Peter is extremely good at what he does. He took her on dates, made her feel special, was a gentleman in every way, and sealed his whole show with a kiss. This is not Katherine's fault, unfortunately girls can fall to guys' secret weapon.... their charm.  It can seriously be frustrating if you know what I mean!  

So what did Player Peter do? Led. Her. On. He pulled out all the stops and then said the "I like you a lot but I'm not sure if I like you enough to have a serious relationship with you.... blah blah blah!" PLAYER! You have committed a serious offense, stealing a girl's heart and crushing it in the palm of your hand. Player Peter you have some nerve! You don't do what you did to Katherine and think you can get away with it. You mess with Katherine you have to go through me. Just because I am small doesn't mean I can't totally dominate you. Looks can be deceiving.

Girls, I am putting out a warning. Do not date Player Peter! He is about yea tall and has a charming personality. If you see him, please contact me ASAP.

Katherine, don't worry. There are other fish in the sea. He is definitely a bottom feeder.....
I love you Katherine! <3 


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  1. NO :( Tell Katherine I am so sorry and I love her! Also, I found your post very entertaining! You are a good friend Miss Rachel! :)