Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Started

Well, this is big news. I have started a blog. I never thought I would make one, but here I am starting my first blog post!

Going to BYU for college in Utah has been a great experience for me. I have meet so many new people and learned so much about growing up. While in my second semester of college, I have learned that growing up and college is not all fun. Housing payments, cooking food/buying groceries, and being responsible for grades while not having parents there to be the iron fist with the result of exceeding procrastination are all a part of my everyday life.

However, college does have its exciting and enjoyable moments. I have gone out on dates, hung out with my roommates, gone to midnight premieres (Sherlock Holmes, LOVE!), and just living up the college experience. I do have two very unforgettable instances which I will share with you.

Last Saturday, my roommates were cooking breakfast for one of our FHE brothers (this is a dorm of guys that is paired up with our dorm) because of an instance that involved sticky notes, a truck, and the rain the night before. While one of my roommates Danielle was cooking the bacon, some of the grease accidentally became too familiar with the flame, and WAH-LA! a grease fire was born. The whole burner was shooting out flames. All six of us girls were screaming with the uncertainty of what to do. A couple seconds later, when the initial shock was gone, Savannah tried to cover the flames with a pan, but to no avail, the flames were still present. That is when Nicole got the amazing idea to get the fire extinguisher. With Danielle pulling the pin, me holding the hose, and Nicole spraying, the fire was finally extinguished. The whole experience lasting about a minute (or a seemingly eternity). Immediately after, all of us starting laughing hysterically while evacuating the kitchen. Our screaming had attracted some of the neighbors and our epic tale got told again and again and again!

Our Kitchen from just one squirt of the fire extinguisher.
A lot of food was ruined and the dust went everywhere!
Nicole and Danielle
Later that day, after all the excitement had worn off and the kitchen was back to normal,  I decided to do the dishes. When it was time to pour the detergent into the dishwasher, I noticed that the detergent had been used and only the box was left. I began searching to see if we owned any other detergent. I saw a bottle of liquid detergent. I had used some at my home before so I thought that this stuff was the same.

After pouring it in, I went on the couch to watch TV. A while later, I glanced over at the dishwasher and did a double take. There were bubbles spilling out of the dishwasher and onto the floor! All I could do at the moment was laugh. Of course this would happen to me today. This was the day of epic disaster. I quickly wiped up all of the bubbles and opened the dishwasher. There were bubbles everywhere! I proceeded to scoop them up with my hands. After the mess was cleaned up on the outside and some on the inside, I went to tell Savannah and our neighbor Julayne what had happen. After inspecting which bottle of detergent I had used, I was informed that I had used the wrong kind and too much of the soap. Man I felt sheepish. The things I learn at college.  

Julayne and Savannah having fun with the bubbles

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