Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i'm already getting texas pride

So folks, as you probably know, I got my mission call!!

Texas Houston, English speaking!! I leave July 3rd.

I am so happy to where I got called. When I found out where I got called to, I was just so happy. Because of that, I just knew it was right. I wouldn't be this happy if I wasn't supposed to go. I leave actually pretty soon -- in about 4 months I will be in the MTC. I will spend a few weeks and then be out to Houston! AHHH!! I used to dis Texas and make fun of their Texan pride, however, I already love Texas and I am so happy I got called there, and English speaking. It is so perfect for me :) I am visiting my sister who lives in Texas next week so I get to see how great Texas is. -- I am excited about that!


Here is my mission call opening, enjoy :)

Still Brave, Still Crazy, Still Mostly Young, Still Me!


p.s. anyone guess correctly? 
p.p.s. March Madness, fill out those brackets!

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