Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Imagine that you are a rodent, a groundhog to be precise. You aren't just any groundhog, you are THE groundhog. Your name is Punxsutawaney Phil. You have a huge responsibility, an enormous burden on your shoulders. You must predict the weather in the upcoming months correctly, It is a hard job, ask the meteorologists!

Today is your day. The day where your skill of weather predicting comes into action. It's Groundhog Day! You dread this day the whole year. You have a secret and everyone knows it... you actually can't use your skill very well. You have only been right predicting whether there is six more weeks of winter or spring is just around the corner 39% of the time. However, no one seems to care, people just go on celebrating this holiday.

As you peak your head up from your hole you've been hiding in, you look all around. As usual there is a crowd of people. Your nerves began to set in, yet seem calm and collected. A man comes and picks you up and holds you in his arms. He puts his his ear to your mouth... Now's your moment, what do you say?.............................Six more weeks of winter! You either made the snow junkies happy or the summer fanatics very upset.


As for me Mr. Groundhog, *Tisk Tisk* Wrong choice. You better hope you're wrong Phil or else I'll have to endure another month and a half of the cold. Because of you, I saw this sight walking to my apartment today instead of sunshine.

Provo, Utah

 Until next year Phil...

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  1. Haha ;) You get Utah cold for much longer than 6 weeks! I miss those mountains.